Poet and Open Border Radical/Abolitionist


Kim Sousa is a Brazilian American poet, open border radical and abolitionist. She was born in Goiânia, Goiás and immigrated to Austin, Texas with her family at age five. Her work is an indictment of The State, an exploration of immigrant identity,

mixed ethnicities and unbelonging/displacement. Her poems are ecocritical and political, containers for rage and disruption that interrogate every border. She asks what it means to be both implicated and complicit in whiteness while at the same time being othered by it—to be granted the ultimate privilege: erasure.

portraits copyright Emily Sousa



Look for new poems forthcoming in...

Drunk Monkeys' "Rad-Ass Pop Culture Issue!"

Yeah, I'm late to watching AHS 1984, but it's the night terrors of you making good on your promise to kill me that haunt me



In which the poem always contains a shark and never a baby


The Boiler



Before the raids begin, I drive to work with a mango in my lap

EcoTheo Review

Gemini Baby

What wasn't gathered

To the white woman who thought  a palo santo stick was a useless decorative object while her sisters drive the plant into extinction and The Amazon still burns

Pirenópolis photo series copyright Emily Sousa



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